Book Cover for Loose Teeth

Count It All Joy

What happens when a grumpy fish is waiting for all his teeth to grow in so he can be happy, like the other fish? You get a counting book about finding joy! Set to rhyme with expressive illustrations, this story is a delight to share with children who are learning to count. Enjoying differences and accepting change are the encouraging themes in this sweet counting story.

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Book Cover for Star Flights Bedtime Spaceship

 Star Flights Bedtime Spaceship

Star Flights Bedtime Spaceship is a story where readers embark on a nighttime journey into outer space! Illustrations and cue cards share the quiet wonders that occur as children drift off to sleep while their home converts to a space ship and  floats safely through space. As Autopilot oversees the safety and navigation systems, everyone aboard can rest knowing all is well. Various household noises are addressed as part of the normal function of the ship under Autopilot’s capable care. This is an imaginative tale to help kids unwind and think calm thoughts as they go to sleep. Star Flights Bedtime Spaceship is available as an ebook and softcover on Amazon.

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Book Cover for Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth is a humorous story about a set of disgruntled teeth that run loose at night and find all kinds of trouble. Their greatest desire, however, is to be shiny so they find some money and jump out the window to buy gold caps. But what happens when they run into loose dog teeth? Lively illustrations with a story set to rhyme make this a fun children’s story for all ages. Loose Teeth is available as an ebook on Amazon.


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Book Cover for The Singing Bobcat

The Singing Bobcat

The Singing Bobcat  is a humorous children’s picture book about an abandoned baby bobcat, named Bing, who is raised by a flock of bluebirds. They feed him bugs, worms and seeds and, of course, teach him to sing! After a wonderful summer together, the flock must leave Bing to fly south for the winter. Find out how Bing adapts in this humorous tale of compassion, friendship and accepting change. This is the third book in The Tree Series and while the books are great to read together, each one stands alone as a complete story. The Singing Bobcat is available as an ebook on Amazon.

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The Dancing Owl Book Cover

 The Dancing Owl

The Dancing Owl is a rhyming children’s picture book about an owl named Charlie who loves to dance. Unfortunately, his dancing shakes the tree, wakes up the owl chicks, and bothers his neighbors. Charlie sets out to find a better place to dance only to see he’s created a new problem. Find out how Charlie solves his dancing dilemmas! The Dancing Owl is available as an ebook on Amazon.

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Children's Book Illustration

One Tree

One Tree is a humorous tale about a family of squirrels. In the story, instead of storing acorns for winter, a carefree squirrel, named Stick, enjoys eating junk food all summer. In winter, however, Stick depends on his family to feed him. The following year, when an owl moves into the squirrel’s only acorn tree, will Stick risk everything to help save his family from starving?

Warm and simple illustrations accompany the text and add humor to help create an inspiring story for kids to see that even when they make a wrong choice, they can make amends and do the right thing. One Tree is available in both softcover and ebook versions.

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A True Princess

As the prince searches for a suitable wife, many “princesses” are put to the test by sleeping on a pile of mattresses with a pea under one mattress. A true princess will not be able to sleep on such a lumpy bed. This test produces many princesses! Unfortunately, they are made very grouchy by their lack of sleep and show terrible manners at breakfast the next morning. A sweet ending also makes for a nice lesson on etiquette. A fun addition to your children’s bedtime stories. Great for children 4-8 years old. Available as an ebook.

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Mystery Party: Missing Birthday Cupcakes

You don’t have to hire actors or memorize many lines to throw an exciting mystery party! This book offers the story, directions, cue cards and tips to create a successful thriller for tweens. There is also a link to download a free pdf file and print additional resources which includes a template for a cute invitation!

The mystery revolves around missing birthday cupcakes. Guest detectives (party-goers) have been invited to figure out what happened and who is guilty. This party works well for 5-20 guest detectives. Each guest detective or team will be given an Official Report form with prepared questions for the guest detectives to ask the actors. Each actor will have prepared answers they can refer to on cue cards. You will need 6 people willing to act easy roles and answer the prepared questions from the guest detectives. At least two of the actors will need to know the short 1 page story. The four remaining roles are very easy, and can be learned in minutes. The officer, Detective Cakes, will facilitate the party and shoot “crime scene” photos while the guest detectives interview the actors (witnesses and suspects). It is very important that none of the guest detectives know the story beforehand.

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