Children’s Book Cover for “One Tree”

One Tree is a children’s picture book was written and illustrated by Marie Tabler. Illustrations were created in Photoshop.

Description from Amazon:
Teachable moments mixed with humor help children see the importance of mending families and friendships. Instead of storing acorns, a carefree squirrel named Stick enjoys eating junk food all summer. In the winter, he depends on the food his family saved and he learns the value of saying “I’m sorry” and forgiveness. The story continues when none of the squirrels can find enough food to eat and Stick sees a courageous way to make up for his irresponsibility. Delightful illustrations bring giggles and compliment this character-building story making it a great gift for preschool, kindergarten and on up! It’s available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback.
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