Book Cover Illustration for “One Pea”

The cover illustration, design and inside illustrations for One Pea were created to match the charming message the story brings. Marie Tabler, collaborated with Julia Meyer to produce a book where manners and etiquette are emphasized in a sweet and humorous twist on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Princess and the Pea.

Description from Amazon:
When it’s time for the prince to find a wife, his mother, the queen, begins the quest to find a true princess. Seven sisters from another kingdom are invited to stay at their castle and sleep on a pile of mattresses with a pea under one of the mattresses. Their law states that a true princess will not be able to sleep on such an uncomfortable bed. The ranting and raving about the horribly lumpy bed reveals that there are many true princesses! With so many choices, how will the prince decide whom to marry? Great for preschool, kindergarten and on up! Lovely illustrations compliment this character-building book. It’s available as an eBook and paperback.
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